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Reviews for "Animals"


I realy enjoy this film :)


They should have a focus group just for this flash. It was brilliant. My best guess is that the people on the lifts and the horizontal elevators were being taken to hell? or some kind of underworld? It felt like the old man was remembering things from his life before going to hell. I only got all this because of how dark and sinister everything felt. The Up arrow at th end might have led to heaven. Maybe he had one last chance to go there, but only at the end? I don't know. It was genius what ever it was.
The sounds or songs if you could call them that fit the flash's theme really well. The graphics were very nicely made. It too fit in and tied it together. Very nice, sir.

AtmosGames responds:

thanks. :)

Very good, but a bit complex.

That... was fucking BRILLIANT!!!.
Sadly however I didn't really get the meaning (a lot of the pictures made no sense) until I read other reviews describing it being about heaven and hell and past lives.

Aussi/also. VERY good coloration/cinematography etc. Loved the atmosphere of it all, keep up the good work!. (99% Flawless!)

Beautiful work

Thanks a lot.


It made me think. The only thing that I don't approve is when u show that after the person commited suicide he went to heaven. not that I'm a hardcore christian, but still I believe that suicide is the most stupidest and cowardly thing to do.

Overall - the animation is brilliant! RESPECT MAN!

AtmosGames responds:

awsome. thanks!