Reviews for "Tornado Button Smashing"

Best game from my childhood

gg an oldy but an good one

Expected Wiesi insanity as always, but my poor fingers :(

Would've liked it better if I was mashing the space bar instead of enter.

Entertaining game. It's a lot of fun causing all the destruction. The button smashing part can be a bit tedious and exhausting, though. Still, nice work!

Wiesi responds:

Thanks for playing!

It was amazing just how fast paced this game was! I'm going to say right now that I loved it, if only because of how much was going on! There was simply a wonderful amount of action in this. I loved the constant button smashing. There were always new things for me to destroy! I loved that! While I'm not that good at it, I really don't care.

It's awesome to have such high scores. I think you may have even surpassed Boxhead in terms of numbers. No, not quite. Congrats to Niemand for the highest score! The music was great too.

Wiesi responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and playing!! :)