Reviews for "Tornado Button Smashing"

Like an arcade game minus the cabinet...

I absolutely loved the presentation since the graphics, sound and controls made it feel like an arcade game. My only criticism is that moving around with the arrows and repeatedly pressing the Enter key has a bit of a "pat your head and rub your tummy" kind of feel. To elaborate, the two different actions can be confusing to do together unless one concentrates and takes the time to get used to it. But overall, it's very well designed!

P.S.: I could hear a Star Fox remix in the background of the main screen. ;p

Wow. I can't feel things anymore :P

I was looking forward to the game when I saw the demo on Youtube. VERY GOOD GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness

i LOVE this game


I can't feel my arm

really easy but fun

w00t!! i got first place 4 the 3rd time!!!