Reviews for "Tornado Button Smashing"

fun fun fun fun!

arcade style...destruction was (almost) never easier! :P good job

Arcade Styled

I like the simple arcade style approach to this game. It plays like any machine that you'd find at an arcade. It has simple and colorful graphics, with easy controls and a quite clear objective. It's so addictive though, I could play it for hours. The shouting people and the radio station was a very nice touch too. Cool stuff.


Man you should make one where you can be a Hurricane or a Thunder Storm


perfect game very addictive ADVICE: the thing to do is spread around the whole area and maybe have a friend help you press the keys


i got really pissed the first time i tried, but then i got daily 6th!!!! im so ballin.
im jhonny LOL if you look at it today, 5/21/08