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Reviews for "Pacman 2: Paczilla"

Great sequel.

That was quite good and normally i would have called the animation bad but it seemed to fit the style of the flash quite good,i liked the plot a lot about how Pac-Man ate the dots like they we're drugs then had a major trip out,very entertaining Pac-Man parody and i think you done a swell job with both Pac-Man spoof flashes you made and i would like to see a third. =)


OOH...so wasted..OOOh...superfly...so wasted...hehehe...wasted.


holy crap hewas tripping BALLS


I like the part with the NG tanks!


it's very cool! and how did you get the music from Sonic Adventure 2? and if you ask
I have Sonic Adventure 2.

SketchbookProtest responds:

I have the CD (I'm a cool one :D) but you can find lots of video game music on http://gh.ffshrine.org/