Reviews for "_-={Karthus' Theme}=-_"


Haha karthus....karthuskarthuskarthus....

Personally, Karthus can suck on my Morgana's shield :P

Awesome intro but honestly it kinda bored me afterwards :/ It's a good effort though, I like it...

Just imagine...Heimerdinger to this song...doing the slow motion, badass walk, explosion in the background, spaghetti head flopping from side to side as he walks XD

Just wants to make me laugh my ass off imagining that

P.S. This sounds great with a scene of Katarina escaping from someone...or even the theme to how Kat became Kat assassin...or something....u know??

MaestroRage responds:

you Morganas and Jannas and Sorakas are all the same >:C! Just out to ruin a lich's good fun!

And hey man, getting this choir library to sing Karthus was an epic journey in of itself! You'd be pretty surprised at what loops they make you jump through X_x.

I also like to imagine lil Teemo popping out of bushes to shoot a quick dart and disappearing giggling. That also makes me want to laugh while listening to this. I should change it so the choir goes TEEEEEE-MOOOOO.


D:!!! Dear lord!

(does it)

well anyways, glad you liked the piece, thanks for dropping by and leaving a review!


Another excellent composition by a master. This song has instantly become one of my favorites. It amazes me how completely you are able to capture the essence of the character in your music. 5/5 10/10

MaestroRage responds:

Thanks DrQuant!

It doesn't hurt that I quite like the character in question! I'm glad you liked the piece, and thanks again for the review :D!