Reviews for "Substitute"

tis game sux!

I keep losing my survivors!!!!!!! >=(

too much sound from starcraft

need to be able to place more turrets and maybe some cheaper upgrades instead of just doubleing the price each time and more cash from enemies as levels increase would be nice

sounds effects

You seem to have used a lot of sound effects from starcraft.

BTW here's my ratings

Graphics: 7/10 nothing special, but still good
Plot (story): 9/10 great
Gameplay: 9/10 nothing realy inovative, but still enjoyable. don't get too much repetitive
Sound effects: 6/10 many sound effects where took from the same game (Starcraft)

final note 7.75/10 (or 8/10) good game

this is a different kind of defence game to me

Once I've learned where and when the enemies come I was able to upgrade my turret accordingly. Having trouble on "damn hard" but I wont give up until I beat it.

too hard

i cant even get to lv 16 on easy i cant belevie how its on damn hard!! bitch!