Reviews for "Substitute"


The enimes move 2 quick every things 2 expensive gun is 2 slow

great game

man this such a great game i went up to wave 16the first boss is pretty fun.

Fun, Addictive, Easy = Hard

What more is there to say> The game redefined my definition of "easy". I finally made it up to damn hard but lost it there. I really like the game and you should make a sequel with more upgrades, more enemies, but no more difficulty!

think you

could make it so that it is optional to use the arrow keys control your turret for all us out there with crappy mouses? Other than that i would say its an extremly great defense game!!!

Good Game!

I got alot of ideas to make this better if you plan to add or make a new one.
1.Add a Variation Of Turrets like: Flamethrower, Machine Gun, Missile Launcher.
2.Make The Various Turrets Have Special Capabilities like: Flamethrower= Burns enemies over time, Machine Gun= Has a Small Weak Splash, Missile Launcher,Big Strong Splash.
3.Make The Enemies Move Alittle Faster.
4.Fix Range Bug Thats Lets You Hit Enemies Way Past The Range Limit.
5. Make Turrets And The Turret You Control Have More Types Of Upgrades like: Rate Of Fire, Damage, Range, Special. (Every Time You Up Special The Better The Special Is)
6.Make The Path Longer
7.Allow More Turrets To Be Placed
8.Make The Turret You Control Have Like 3 Different Specials That Can Be Uped
9.Make It So You Can Buy Soldiers That Would Be On The Path And Help Kill The Enemy But If The Enemy Touches the soldier her and the enemy dies.
Theres more but i cant remeber tell me wut u think bout my ideas.