Reviews for "Substitute"


this was ok, the levels are way to short to get all the upgrades, I got bored reading the tutorial as it just went on and on. sounds where ripped, you need to sort out the little things.

You just didn't try

Graphics were meh, sounds were blatantly ripped from Starcraft, and the grammar was atrocious. I couldn't even stand to read the tutorial...

You clearly put minimal effort where it was most needed, so I suppose I'll just do the same with my review.

good game

BUT, i have some constructive criticism. the power ups were too cheap toward the end, so some one wouldn't even have to upgrade there turret. there also needs to be a continuation mode after you have beaten the amount of waves required. if there was such a mode like that, then i wouldn't have stopped playing lol. do your best and take my criticism to heart when you create a squeal.

Good stuff :)

Simple and easy to follow gameplay ...great job! :)

The upgrades are a great feature and the music is very suited

nice game

looks like some sounds are from StarCraft :)