Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"


it was awsome


I can truthfully say that I'd rather be playing this than any platformer right now...because that's what I'm doing.

A very well-made game.

As the user below me stated, a "garage" for the spacecraft already purchased would be a helpful add-on for the purpose of not having to spend extra money on re-buying the same units over and over if your current one becomes less useful. The only other thing I could think of would be a sort of storyline/campaign that you can play out as well, and have the little multi-player areas for breaks from that activity. Hmm.

Perhaps a music selection menu instead of little ones for certain areas?

Really this game is so well-developed that it's difficult to think of any really big improvements that could be made to it....

If I think of anything I'll join the forums and post there. 10/10

i got addicted

the first time i played this game, i kept playing for 4 hours
for those of you who hate to have their account reset, close the window before you die


good game and plz leave it online cuz then i wont be able to play =(

great game!

I love playing this! and it's cool that if you lose all your lives you'll lose all your stats. Makes you want to survive. Plus you can't really bot this game.