Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

My brain has officialy EXPLODED!!!(metaphorically)

AMAZING!!!! 10/10 I love it, it's customizable, so you can play however you like, a dogfighter, a sniper like ship, and different things to do, mining fighting having fun with a gang, multi-player's pretty sweet graphics are great, the feel of the game is like you're in space!!!! I also like it that there are planets to discover, even though they don't do anything they're still fun to find. you have gone beyond amazing.


you have created a great game one that every one loves (that of space games) there is nothing wrong with i t all i have to say is this THANKS FOR MAKING THIS GAME

its good.

but oddly enough, it opened quadrent wars when i clicked on it...


wow great game first time i played didnt understand it but now i can play its the best multiplayer game on newgrounds!

Great game!

I love the concept. You could make it so much more if you expanded the multiplayer capabilities.
I would love to see space station assaults and parts of the map that are affected by this (A.K.A. The Aliens can take over a Human space station and vice versa).
Sadly, the game is currently not working, and neither is your website. Ben, please fix this ASAP, I loved this game and want to play it again.