Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

Great but one Problem

Love the game but if i get hit by a mine or die my game just freezes completly I have to close the window to play again. (But I keep my stats can you fix this?)

DJStatika responds:

Try updating your flash player. Also, you could adjust the options and switch off explosion fragments and exhauset fire.

The game does crash on some computers sometimes when the graphics get heavy, this is normally fairly random though and I havent heard of it crashing everytime there is a death before

Nicely Done

Its not the best of its kind but I honestly love space sims this is one of the better ones. I love the hyperspace engine but did you have to make the ship become slow?

great game but, tips

great game, but it needs a quality and sound button in game, so u can turn them down or off. and the aliens need a energy transfer beam like the humans, otherwise laserss are impossible for them

multiplayer neded

no fair it awesome but no multipleyar i love tis game but suns of a bitch hacers men i hate theam pla give multiplayer online!!! i give 100=100

the best

this game is the best on any site ive played. it should be more known than it is right now. stupid hackers haked it though. i would so and i bet other ppl would too pay money to someone to fix this game or sumthng like that