Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

became commnader 5 mins ago

I became a commander only 5 minutes ago, but when i looked gor a new ship it showed an atlas mining ship wat the hell is with that i wanted a warshiP!
Anyways good game

DJStatika responds:

get over 800 kills to get the warship

It good but not the best

Fun game, lots of ways and things make a gaming experience with something interesting to do, but to many hackers and.... well thats like the only problem besides bad graphics

great game, but...

why is the chat always unavailable and theres nobody in multiplayer sectors ever???


Well first of all the Humans sorta suck. But if you buy hyperspace it WILL help you out! Note to the author: You actually should make more games & it would be better if you made it a lil more free roaming.


good good but the graghics are a bit hit and miss, they lack that sertain somthing, wich would make the game much, much better, eithen though it already is tidy like.