Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

Hey ...

You're the guy who made Dragon Fist! Quadrant wars was a bit rubbish, and the orginial wasn't too bad, but this one rocks. Go multiplayer. Much better. I liked the RPG thing. Feels like Star Wars or something.

oh my god i love this

exept it wont log me in

Amazing what you can do with flash.

This is a great game, I really like it. The ships and some other things might not have the best graphics but I enjoy it.


Ultra awesome!

Gameplay 10/10 - Awesome

Graphics 8/10 - Not Bad

Sounds 10/10 - Excellent

score = 100/100 - GODLY!

prize: one of the best of NG

Awesome Ben Olding you have future!


This game is so awsome