Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

boring thanks to hakers.

this game defently gets a ten/ten, but it gets boring thanks to some gay hackers. why would you hack a free game anyway. the only reason would be to piss evryone off.

As it always deserved

People who likes it this way, you should have played multiplayer, exciting, thrilling, and any other mixed emotion you could feel., what a bore today cuz of hackers...


I played this game 2yrs. and been looking for it for a while only to find out some lame hackers who flash hack programs ruined it for everyone. Why would you hack a free game? This game keeps space combat simple and takes skill not the lame mouse pointing and click control they are making space games with now. This game was better then the pay to play games. If anyone can suggest a multiplayer game like this one to me please do. I really hope this game are the sequel remerges soon. I would pay to play either.

No doubt an awsome game.

I really have to say that everytime you go up in rank, you should go up to the change ship option in the space station, see if theres any new really useful ships for you to buy. As you continue to unlock ships, you can carry more weaponry, making you a force to be reckoned with. when you first start out in the game, dont attack the first ship you see. itll probably kick your ass. Never under estimate the enemy. a drone can kill you just as easily as a warship can!

The best game consept ever :3

The consept behind this game is amazing! it does need a bit more fine tuning such as, whats the diffrence between a type 1 torpedo and an AT torpedo?...Anyways the game is awesome but i do remember the multiplayer and it was horrable...my auto pilot system brought me right threw a multiplayer zone and the next thing i know im getting spawn killed left and right...so i think the online was just a bit much for this game...but all else aside, its a nice game. needs diffrent random encounters tho...iv found the white and black holes lol and also found the planet :P was kinda fun exploring...but i do have a cuple buggs to tell you (the creator) and also you (the players) about...There is a bugg to were sometimes the torpedos dont do ANY damage...iv checked it many times as well...the ship had no shield bubble or healing unit...it simply took no damage from torpedos...lasers and other weapons worked fine...just thought id warn you all about that. Thanks for reading!
w/love and kisses
Violet <3