Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"


The only problem that I had with this game is that a lot of the items didn't have any description.

pretty good

this is oneof the best mulitiplayer games i have played so far. the battle system is good and all the custumizations with the ships and wepons is juat awsome. the only thing bad is thetraveling , it takes too long. other than that it is a deceant game keep up the good work!


I must confess that the first few times that I tried playing this game, I got somewhat frustrated by the apparent slow pace wherein I was progressing through the various situations. However, upon actually registering, thus of course allowing me to save my progress, I have found that things are considerably different indeed.

Once you manage to get beyond the stage of flying across half a dozen sectors at a snail's pace, then it does start to become more interesting. Naturally, once you have acquired the final of the engines, thus allowing you to jump across the galaxy in no time, then the game really starts to take off.

The combat system is very interesting simply by virtue of the high degree of customisability present therein. My own strategy is something of a long range fighter allowing me to soften up my targets before engaging them in close range combat. However, the fact that you are not forced to specialise in one or the other, or indeed in ammunition or energy based weapons for that matter, is a definite strength of the whole system.

I am interested to see how my recent upgrade to a Warship will affect my gameplay seeing as I've been tearing apart ships that size without too much difficulty beforehand. Granted, I've now become a substantially bigger target, but at least it does allow me to use the most powerful weapons in the game including one that is in a class of its own simply by virtue of its capacity to effectively remove everything from even an enemy starbase.

this game

this game is tight we can be on teams man wow man i got to put that on 10


takes WAY WAY WAY too long to travel, but is very good