Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

All Right Guys

First of all, before I go all out, do not even say or write that this is not a multi-player game. Sure, it does not have multi-player capability, but this game was meant to expand off of the previous release: Starfighter: Quadrant Wars.

Multi-player was taken away because too many people hacked, or found trainers to hack this game. Obviously, taking multi-player out of the game was a good solution, but that's when a lot of people were determined to have their way with the game. No real flash game is safe.

Anyhow, just enjoy the game, you guys. Really, it's not worth playing, sure, but it's good fun! And it's interesting! Most of all, the developer tried hard to bring it to you guys. For approval. Don't disapprove on something like this, even if you misunderstand it. Don't base things you do off of misconception.


i woul dgive this a 10/10 but its not multiplayer but i would suggest making it multiplayer and changing the script code slightly to confuse hackers


Ok so hackers hacked your game and only made it singleplayer?? What a shame.. I have no choice but to give you a 10 because this is extremely addictive!!! AWESOME GAME!!


It's amazing how into this game I got.

I think the key element it was the bare-bone RPG elements combined with the ability to customize your ship combined with the community. I met some nice people online... And some real cheesy vaginas, too. It sucks there's no more multiplayer, and I really feel bad for Mr. Olding/Statika. But, easy come, easy go. Your hard work and dedication was (and is) obvious.


yeah the stupid hackers made it single player, but it still rocks