Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

The game type I've always looked for.

I love the idea and goal of these games, and to improve it by going multiplayer online. This type of game gets me addicted for hours. BTW, I'm an Alien.It seems better than Human.

Monotonous, but in a AWESOME way.

Really fun and addictive! I think there should be more permanent upgrades for ships. Other than that, very entertaining.


AMAZING, im addictedddd........

good game....


could be improved slightly but its amazing

BERRY! Kool.

I think this is wonderful!! Even my lil bro is playing this game!
BERYYY! Kool. Lol.
Enjoy the game everyone!! =] Because me and my lil bro love it and I know you peoplez will. =]]

i cant go to mp

i cant go to mp here
i dont know why?5/10