Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

to prvent crashing of the chat

StarOverlord, It's to prevent the chat from crashing from people who aren't using it being connected

Its a really good game!...

...and funny.. :D


The best free flash mmo in all of newgrounds, if not the entire internet, and i think no members makes it better (you dont get shot by some superweapon you have no defense against, like you would with members) and the sp and mp sector system means you can choose to have it as a one player game, as long as you stay away from mp sectors and dont enable chat. one thing though, why does chat have to turn off when you enter a new sector or dock at a space station? Ah well, 5/5

good game

it could use some better graphics though

Great and all but..

Everythings great except the part when you lose your lives you get reset.