Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

Im really sad that he never got to fixing the issue with the multiplayer mode on this game. I really LOVED playing this, I remember being on this game a lot about 7-8 years ago. :(
I hope he at least develops a multiplayer game similar to this!

DJStatika responds:

Have a look at this: www.starfighterinfinity.com

i don't know why is multiplayer down,but i know that he's making a sequel:Starfighter:Infinity


Single-Player still works! To play: Right-click anywhere, select "Quit to Menu", click "Login as Guest", enjoy! :)

That is correct. the server is gone, or at the very least there is no one left maintaining it. the dev moved on. Had been following on facebook for a while but he seems in no hurry to make the new and more secure sequal to starfighter (as this one got hacked to hell). In a nutshell he had other projects that actually paid. This project although quite fun, ended up on the back burner. It may even have been scrapped since the last time i checked the year before last. The only version of this that is available any more is the no save version (which is hardly worth it considering this is a game that takes a long while to play).

Can't connect either. Guess the server is down for good.