Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"


I dont like single player sector / multi player sector different. All sectors need to be a multiplayer sector.

i cant get to the mission

boring boring

good game

the game would be more fun though, if you let us(the gamers), make our own ship(just a suggestion)

idea 4 the gamers:
1.choose a courier mission(one that pays good)
2.press P(auto-pilot)
3.make a sandwich(or anything that kills some time)
4.when it gets 2 the first station U have to fly it yourself!
5.the same as step 2 and 3
6.same as step 4

this will get U some money 2 start
WARNING:if an enemy hits you, the auto-pilot will disengage!


why do the friendly's ships look the same


i love this game just wish there were huge star cruisers or battleships