Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"


i think its great i better try this one!

I agree with MRSPY

It does rock .........ULTRA VORTEX BOMB. it is AWESOME

The most recent update is availible on disputedgalaxy.com

Find me on there : ]

it rocks hard

a cool game to play but something happened to my account it wont load :P
its very borings but I fing it fun when Im at the dangerzone.
Here are things that I like/dislikes about the game:
A.The things that a hate In the game:
1.when I ran out of lives my account resets >:(
2.My enemies are very powerful there ships but there weapons are fine >:(
3.They always come in packs(GROUPS) of powerful ship then kills me>:(
4.The flying around sectors is VERY VERY BORING!!!! make the sectors small >:(
5. Going to another rank or ranking its very diffcult its just unfair it kill big ships that counts as 1 >:(
B. The things that i like in the game:
1.The gameplay rock spaceships buying stuff,Money and the destroying stuff>:)
2.It has missions that I can make money.
3.Very simple ITS ONLINE :P and has chat and I can play single player
4. It has ranks and gang joining/making :)
5.It has autopilot so a can relax a bit :)
Good job making this game Make sure this game improves

Really good!

But can you change the quality?
If you can't, please make it so.
It lags for me, and probally other people, during combat.
Thanks for the great game! I played StarFighter:Quadrant Wars too!

I don't know.

It's a GREAT Game but I rated it an 8 taking 1 star for each reason
1. It's a outdated version you can't see any of the multiplayer color zones on the sector map.
2. The game keeps giving me a random glitch or something that wont let me log in saying "Checking username and password" when ever i try but i can log in as a guest but non of my other accounts and its pissing me off.

Here are some constructive critisizms to help your game.
1. Make a money transfere system.
2. Make better use of gangs like maybe the gang leader can plant there own small stations for a large amount of money and mayber special access to weapons. Maybe even gang wars against the same race.
3. Make ALOT more fire power weapons instead of bombs and targetting lasers when I play i feel way udnerpowered because even someof the best ships suck. There should be some high powered ships that take ALOT of work to get so you can take pride over something in game.
4. your account shouldn't be reset when you die, The idea "I think when you die you should die" doesnt attract people it pisses them off and they leave.
5. More multiplayer zones, Like ALL zones. This will attract WAY more people because without multiplayer no one would play, Trust me NO ONE would.
6. Customizeable ships. I would liek to make my ship more original.

If you work on these six things you could have a very very popular game on your hands, The idea is good but the equiptment needs work.