Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"


It's awesome, but howcome I can't log in? I type in everything correctly but it doesn't work.

My brain has officialy EXPLODED!!!(metaphorically)

AMAZING!!!! 10/10 I love it, it's customizable, so you can play however you like, a dogfighter, a sniper like ship, and different things to do, mining fighting having fun with a gang, multi-player's pretty sweet graphics are great, the feel of the game is like you're in space!!!! I also like it that there are planets to discover, even though they don't do anything they're still fun to find. you have gone beyond amazing.


Really cool I love it I feel almost as if I'm in space traveling from one place to another and I like the dog fights (or whatever you call them in space) and it's pretty well balanced out you could make money off this like that stupid MS but better, Good luck with future flash.

Dude, Love it

9 out of 10. This game rocks. But, when you sell stuff it would be nice if the money you paid for it was the same amount as if you sold it. Cause i like to test out the weapons and it makes me lose money. And it would be nice if you could buy parts for your ship that would upgrade its shield, and speed, and acceleration, and manuverability, etc.... That way if youve got a slow ship you can upgrade its speed. Or if youve got a week ship you can raise its shields. Great game!!!


I love the multiplayer aspect, but the game keeps crashing my internet.