Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

Good Game

Space game - i like it!
I've seen alot of space Games But this one... Better then others.
Lot of weapons lot of Ships Lot Of systems And More! EVerything in this one game! i'ts Really Good game! but we have an one problem Here. Graphics.
Yea graphics are good at all but still need an improvement....But anyway! i've dont seen any other game like this so i put 10!
Too bad hackers broke this game...Why do they do that?)


need multiplayer

Good game but...

i tried the .com, and it doesn't exist. Is there something wrong?

good game

cool game but the graphics arent to good and i probly rather paly darkorbit

wish it was still multiplayer

back when it was it was amazing , but now you cant even find it in multiplayer version on the website