Reviews for "Disputed Galaxy"

good, but there's a problem

i love this game, cant wait for sdg2, but there's another problem. i have posted this problem at kongregate.com. THE ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN DELETED AGAIN! FIX IT NOW! thanks. pianoboy8. same pianoboy8 in kongregate, sploder, jiggmin.com, sparkworkz.com, shockwave, runouw, and xgenstudios.

why the multiplayer won't not work. :(

i hope this will be helpful.
when it did work i'd gevin it a 10/10
I Copied ALLof this off of his website's FAQ.

Q. What happened to "Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy"?
A. I have stopped supporting it. The game has had hacker problems for a long time and eventually someone managed to delete all the user accounts and break the game. After a couple of attempts to fix it and a a lot of complaining from people I have decided that it was taking too much of my time. So I have removed the disputedgalaxy.com website and removed the game from my site. If you really want to play though, it is still running on Kongregate, but with all multiplayer/chat features removed. I do have plans to make an better, bigger more secure sequel sometime down the line.


Big fan of the game....freaking hackers need to get a life :p

Good Game

Space game - i like it!
I've seen alot of space Games But this one... Better then others.
Lot of weapons lot of Ships Lot Of systems And More! EVerything in this one game! i'ts Really Good game! but we have an one problem Here. Graphics.
Yea graphics are good at all but still need an improvement....But anyway! i've dont seen any other game like this so i put 10!
Too bad hackers broke this game...Why do they do that?)


need multiplayer