Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"


This movie has a refreshing style, i wait for more :) WELL DONE


good storyline and i cant wait!!

very very very

This is an interesting video I would say. I vote it for a 5, because it has got a good story line. However I do find the reasonings rather contradictory, for example a private goverment agent, How could an agent belongs to a goverment to be private. Anyway keep the good work, I can see you are good at designing 3d.

well done.


great story
great landscapes
I absolutely love the way you set up the terrain. An abandoned facility like that would creep me out anyday. I can't wait for this series to take off. Overall brilliant.

nice one

the graphics were nice, almost too cool to be true.

the voices, meh. that's what happens when you have a high voice.

overall, nice. very, very nice.