Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"


Not many story lines keep me interested in flash. But this one really has me wanting more. The graphics were excellent, I loved them. especially the helicopter, you did damn well on it. Everything was perfect, except the voices, which of course you know :P other than that dude.. this plain and simply FUCKING ROCKS. Keep 'em comin'!


Everything was perfect except for the eyes. They look like he's gonna espload.

classic mystic qualtity

I liked this opening, dark and the voices though modulated were prefect for the visuals, and complimented the story and the mystery, I'll be waitin' on the second!

Nice start.

But, uh... Why does Mason RUN everywhere? Even when he's on a quiet investigation, he still runs like an idjit. I can understand running away when he's got monsters chasing him, but when he's just doing what he normally should be doing?


Nice graphics, really liked it, but the running sound seemed kinda familiar :)
hope to see next parts soon!