Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

ten points

so beautifull...threedeeeffekts...so beautifull


you've got me curious to see the next one. The design is great and loved the Silent Hill 2 music at the end.


great story
great landscapes
I absolutely love the way you set up the terrain. An abandoned facility like that would creep me out anyday. I can't wait for this series to take off. Overall brilliant.


This has got to be the best animated flash I've ever seen! Major props for visual quality. The only thing awkward was the sound and the face, I mean, watch the eyes and tell me they don't look wonky. Regardless, I still gotta give this a 10/10 for the previously mentioned animation quality.

Quite nice...

I have to agree with the previous posts, the storyline is set up nicely to be something big, should you continue it correctly. I only have two complaints, both minor. One is that you need to work a bit more on your facial animation and expression. The second is...well, you kind of left me hanging at the end there. Maybe I was just hoping to see a bit more.

I do look forward for Part 2 of the series.
Thank you for your time.
-- Kahrne Annabelle Lee

Marcomatic responds:

Thanks muchly :D
Yes i need people to understand that producing this type of work ends up with large file sizes, no matter how much u reduce frames , lower sound quality and compress images, you're still ending up with large files. I've broken up this part of the animation just so i could fit in the file size limit of NG
Thanks for ur suggestion :D

Hope u like Part 2, its nearly done!!