Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

Nice animation, nice style, nice graphics...

but it was WAY TOO SHORT!
Oh, and it took to long to load, and the guy's eyes look weird.

Oh, awesome.

Now the voices are here! I should've watch this one first before going to the second part. I guess your not a lying scum bag after all.

It's Newgrounds i think.....

The character artwork and animation a tad on the ropey side but at least your trying to draw something, not like the stick stuff at least... and the 3d work shows promise, i had mates at uni that passed 3d anim modules with stuff like that... if you can, boost your texture library for future episodes, and if you happy with how somehting looks, zoom in and make it thinner, zoom on corners and make them more detailed.... depending on what your using: if it's old - warp it and don't forget proper lighting :D

Just get that hand anim stuff up to scratch, gona watch EP. 2 now to see if there's a difference :D

Great work, looking forward to more

(p.s. load the movie in pop-ip if it's not loading for you)

i cant give it a rating because i couldnt watch it

this movie is broken. i waited for five minutes and the load bar stopped half way. i even read the note that if it didn't work to just wait till the play buttton appeared and it didnt.

Marcomatic responds:

Ahhh, i think i see the problem, you may have a really crap computer. I think that may be the case :D
Cheers for your support :D


Same as what Procrastinator said you could make movies man!