Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

The Good, The Bad, and The Verdict

-Excellent use of 3D rendering
-Good artwork for a budding "Flasher"

-Short considering the file size; try to optimize more

Overall, I agree with pretty much everyone else; this is a really good piece of animation. I know I didn't give as high a score as others, but I'm a tough critic. ^_^
Anyway, despite the actual SOUND of the voices, your acting was pretty decent; it worked. And the way you combined graphic animation with 3D rendering was nothing short of excellent; you have huge potential!

nice one

the graphics were nice, almost too cool to be true.

the voices, meh. that's what happens when you have a high voice.

overall, nice. very, very nice.

great graphics


Damn those Nazis....

Sorry to burst your bubble- but the opening soundtrack is from Hitman: Blood Money- you should have mentioned that. Graphics were shit hot though, although shooting your voice actor in the throat might get you a better result next time. And the control room guy- is he suposed to be an Albert Wesker ripoff? (Resi Evil not Batman)

Marcomatic responds:

I dunno bout rip off mate, Resident evil along with Silent hill were the bases of my inspiration for this piece, and i KNOW that the opening music is from hitman, The artist is Jesper Kyd.

cheers :D

Awesome graphics

The graphics were awesome althoguh it's true the voices were silly and it's too short.
I'm going to see the 2 part