Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

Good and bad.

Graphics were great. Sound was great too. But the voice acting really could use some work. And also, the way he ran through that abandoned complex was rather unconvincing. If he had gone more cautiously, it would be more believeable.
Good over all.

hmmm :)

I saw the second one on front page so i went to see the first one looks pretty good so far going to see the next one now

Awesome intro

I can see why it took you 8 weeks to complete. Sure it was short but the graphics was something I haven't seen in a while. This flash is very close to a perfect 10 star. ;)

thumbs up and an eh

i give it a 9 well rendered leaves you imsuspence but it was slightly to short was realy wanting to see what those unkown life signs were

perty good

not bad a little to short tho