Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

good foundation

the plot seems it could go some interesting places.
the background was very well animated, but it was the characters that ruined it for me. their voices, their appearance, i dunno something was just off about them. shame.
nevertheless i still wanna see where this goes


for a thrid flash you did magnificent! *if you need an extra voice you know who to call*

Great Work

Hey, great work, your animation style is amazing, voices were well...meh, but the animation definitely made up for it i can't wait for part two. Also i loved the fact that you used music from silent hill, gave it a nice creepy fell since those games were scary as hell.

Nice flash.

The plot is excellent, and I agree with Tibolt about the blend of 2D and 3D. I didn't think the voices were that weird, and I kinda liked Mason's voice. I hope the next one is as good or better.


great 3d mix animation.....tighten it up abit but i liked it!! more please!