Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

I was impressed

The voice acting could use some work, and the mix between 3d and straight up drawing was a little too noticeable. But overall I thought it was great, youve definetely got alot of talent and can go really far if you keep it up.

Tired ideas with fresh art.

Nazi experiments, one-man investigation teams, poor English impressions; the whole thing just does not strike me as anything noteworthy.

On the plus side, your visual style is quite unique. In fact, the only reason I'd want to see more is to get another look at your art in motion. While the characters are abstract they move quite fluidly, and your grasp of visual fundamentals is quite apparent. Excellent work on that.

I would highly recommend looking for voice talent for any future works. I'm sure it would be a pain from a production standpoint, but I think the payoff would make it well worth it.


I saw YOu FIrst entry and it was Hestarical, Im glad to se you work has come so far,
This movie is Exelent, but when they were talking the music was a tad bit too loud,
I am looking forward to The Second part.


good graphics, but I want to see more!

Very good.

I liked it a lot, it was great. However, I do have a couple of tips.
1: The eyes were big, and kinda creepy.
2: In one of the scenes, the camera was angled up, and while running, you could see all of his face; basically, it looked really freaky, like his neck was kinda of broken. Sorry, I'm a bit of a nit-picker.