Reviews for "Abandoned Outbreak"

awww man

i want the second one to come out now!
great flash, voices werent that bad, i kinda thought they fit the guys to be honest
great job

great, however...

so short, anxious for the next one ;)
amazing work though

nice flash, good animation

this is a very good flash, you have great talent, keep it up man!!


I've never liked long flashes, they always bore me. This one kept me entertained. I really enjoyed it. ^-^

Pretty good

I'd definitely watch the next one. Your story has me wanting more. Yeah, the mix between three-d and drawn wasn't well meshed, but didn't detract from it. Your voice acting could use work on that boss dude, but you seem to be right for the main characters part. If you need more actors, you might want to talk to a group called www.darkerprojects.com. They're a good group of people who do nothing but voice act in Podcasts. Some are really and truley pros, but it's all non profit stuff so far. IDK, hope it helps. Good story though, I would suggest it.

Marcomatic responds:

Heya,, I was never INTENDING on making a definite mesh between 3d and 2d work, my idea was to make it stand out from the background. And adding a realistic touch to a cast of cartoon characters is a different approach. That's just the way i work ...

thanks for the suggestion and you support :D
I will make contact with em and check em out

cheers :D