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Reviews for "Madness Mini 5"





So good! Hope there is another one that is just as good!

First reveiew?

I am jealous...

I remember when you showed me Madness Mini 3 for the first time. I wasn't really into Flash animation at that point (except for the original Madness), but I was impressed with what you did. Now that I actually know a thing or two about Flash I am prepared to say that you have at least tripled in skill of when I first met you. This animation is on par with the earlier Krinkels work; maybe even later work. People do have a point about the end, but I think the only problem is that it was a wee bit too fast. It left me wondering what the hell happened. It wasn't until the second time watching it that understood (I will not ruin it for anybody who did not figure it out).
The Big One Hundred definitely showed with all of the effort you put into it. Just don't make a Big Two Hundred in the next one, cause I know how much this one drove you crazy.

P.S. You are way too good at flash animating. I hate you.


Shrinkz responds:

Jesus christ, Jonathan. If you even THINK i'm going to attempt something like that again, you're insane. Thanks for the review and critisizm. =)

that was bad ass!!!!

that was truly magnificent i loved it. but I'm so mad at you. the worst part of it was to be continued. keep it up and make sure u have funny parts like the newspaper guy the guy falling from the second story from the grenade and also the guy shooting himself. bravo

YOU NEED MAKE MADESS MINI 6 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!