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Reviews for "Madness Mini 5"


Madness Combat is mutch better aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnd MADNESS COMBAT 8 COMING SSSSSSSOONN!!!! :)

Stuff these Guys, This was...

awesome. I loved the big 100, the ka-plosion, maybe not as smooth animation as Madness Combat, but watching it in low Quality sped it up and made it alot funner to watch.

It was great. 8/10

ditto to that guy under me said(not exactly>.<)...

...and more.
2 questions & 1 thing u should do.
1.who the heck are that black sheriff?!?
2.does ANYONE know what's the name of the REAL sheriff?(except <<sheriff>> >.<)
3. the starting(not the preloading) song is hardcore fantasy (ID:59610), update that and make a link.

Next to krinkels(no ofense) this is the best->

madness flash I have ever seen. But can you pleasssssssssse hurry up with makeing madness mini 6? I know that it takes awhile but this flash has been on newgrounds ever since I singed up, and I had been on newgrounds before I even had a e-mail address!


Awspme plenty of violence.