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Reviews for "Madness Mini 5"

It's been 9 Years, No Madness Mini 6.

It's been years!!

It was a very interesting little series he had going on, the downside now its been now i think ...10 years now. As for the author he did mention hes not going to continue his series, but work on other things somewhere else. I loved this mini series i first came to newgrounds around the same year for this 2007-2016 im still here watching new artists do some pretty cool work.

Memories :D

I know everyone who arried at the very end of this video wants part 6, also Shrinkz said ''to be continued'', but do you realise 9 years passed and still nothing? I don't think he is waiting for inspiration or something like that, he just didn't do part 6.

I kinda like it at the end because it was like a cartoon.You know,some protagonist and antagonist suddenly have a ''friendly relationship'' in cartoons.Like the sheriff and the main character stopped fighting.The sheriff just LET the main character fly to his body and doesn't take this perfect chance to take him down.