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Reviews for "All Your Disney Base"


This is nicely done. It was good hearing that music again. And yeah, i know how you feel.

Yes, great job!!!

Due to the fact that I fell that Disney is one of the 5 devils of the modern world I voted you a five. Great job, boycott Disney. =D

Seriously what happened to all the other stuff

Now they replaced it with this CRAP

Very Funny

Actually jetix converted on disney´s garbage can, at least with disney XD they will upload it a little instead of showing only bad shows than got cut... but I´m sad they didn´t made more shows like kim possible or jake long... Lizzie McGuire was good... now they make just random cartoons and teen shows... but they are still better than nickelodeon´s shows... and those cartoon network live actions (no sense there)...

I loved duck tales yay

So true!

Great movie! So true.
Only the real Disney shows, like Duck Tales, Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie Mouse were great, and the Disney movies and shows Disney made back in the golden age.

Now, all that is made in Disney's name today is crap. Like Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire, etc. (Of course, this is only my opinion.) Not to mention the new movies. If Walt Disney saw this crap they're making today in his name, I bet he would turn around in his own grave.
I feel sorry for kids today, being brainwashed with trash.