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Reviews for "Super Pilot"


@bobyo52 it's an arcade game so stfu retard!

Game is pretty good kinda hard and please change the enemy ship bullet color, i thought that was some kind of score or gold.

Totally awesome!

I love these kind of shooter games! The older ones especially. The shorter leangth of the game almost made me give it a 9, but because of the tankmen art...I bumped it back to 10!

Bobyo53: Many of these types of games don't include upgrades...but then again, many do. But before call someone and their game dumb, I'd suggest you learning proper punctuation, how to use contractions, and try to pass First Grade.

bad bad bad

why cannt you upgrade things worst game ever!!! all is youi do is shoot stuff! it is truly dumb!

good game

this is a pretty cool game.. but it would have been better with more levels and if you could upgrade your bullets and/or ship

Now how bout that nifty niss...

Giving since most shooters like this out there are longer consist of levels and have power ups, this is cool because it gives you a break from that and allows you to play through multiple enemys and a boss all in one level and beating the game! (not to mention the music syncs with it all.

PS: The bosses death laza is cool to the max...
PSS: The laza is not as cool as shoop da woop but still awesome.
PSSS: IM A FIRAN MA LAZAHHHH! sorry, that got stuck in mah I mean my head :3
good game