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Reviews for "Super Pilot"

very boring

woww lame really,,

Why the hell is it sad

'You saved the city'. Boo hoo, you should have gone psycho and killed everyone including yourself, idiot. Overall, nice sice-scrolling shooter. This is just my idea, but I think it should be a bit longer and there should be some sort of tutorial; first, I was looking at the yellow.. pew.. ray.. things and was like 'OMG FREE MONEH LOLOLOL' until I realized that I was on fire. Barely beat the rest of the game, lol.

I dont know why everyone says it's a sad ending

I got one that says "you saved your city" And some other stuff I didn't gave a shit, or mabye you thinked that dying was the ending...
or being a hero is a sad ending for you...
or you were just joking

:( so sad ending

SO SAD ending wahhhhh

like the music and is a great game


Whats that techno music at the begining? Also, this game is great, its pretty much one of those classic shooter games but more detailed and better music. A perfect mix of retro games and modern aircraft shooters.