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Reviews for "czer323 - depressions sets in"


this could be a hip hop track rofles

Something in this that words cannot describe

This track denotes feelings such as the title describes, it's very provocative, no matter who you are or what's going on. There aren't any downsides that I can think of to this track, I noticed it's a little older, so I don't know if you'll read this, but I loved it entirely. 5up!

A Random NG User whom you neither know, nor care about.

this has been on here for 5 years...

and has only gotten three reviews (now four)
and never used in an animation?!
not fair, coz this song is heaps awesome.

Don't worry, I'm hoping to get it more attention ;)

5 reviews

favourite - definately

this is a classic

One of the best on Newgrounds

I've heard my fair share, and this is one of the few songs I could listen to over and over
Great job. period.