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Reviews for "interference"

You touch my heart

Perfect combination between music and animation. Good work

Eredar responds:

hey, thanks! that was the idea behind it.

. . . . . . . .

"we are the only animals with souls" thats what it say in the bible not word for word but thats what it says i beg to differ. . . . this realy is a moving short ithank you for makeing it

Eredar responds:

religion? RELIGION?!


Nice, I really liked the animation. And to nameless people that think humans dont kill just to kill..what a sad and dissilusioned world you live in..

Eredar responds:

lol, you say animation; i say lack of it :(

nice animation!

very good
asnd sad

Eredar responds:

lol, sadness coming from a person with "bloody chainsaw" in their name, :P

but yeah, thanks!

OMG beautifull

love the animation and love the music i`m ure fan! sad story tho but i love sad storyes :)

Eredar responds:

hey, thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

it's nice to know people are still watching it.