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Reviews for "Desert Story"


won't be surprised if you get front page'd, but I'm sure you'l get a daily award. Great fbf animation, great music, sweet effects and art. The one line could've been voice acted, but it didn't make much of a difference, it was just one line. Great job! Keep animating, you are talented.

That was pretty... awesome!

I guess at the end his soul went to see his family? Good backgrounds and animation to it. You should make a second one of his past. Like Desert Story: His Past or something like that or a flashback. Good job dude.

kick ass

I still dont know how you get human animation looking so good, but it was all awsome, you totally get my 5 :D


that was great. A great idea and very well done 10/10 and 5/5. Oh and favs here we come lol.


Just wanna say this is one of the best flash i ever saw. Don't know why but it touched my feelings. (don't know how to say it properly in english, sorry)