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Reviews for "Desert Story"


It's a really good animation with well match music, but it's a little short. I would have loved to seen a longer story.

lack of story line

You have made a good graphic flash but I don't feel like I really understand what the story was about, you should give time to made your short stories more focus on the past of the character or his goal.

You have potential keep on working

good start

bad ending thou. it was good and i had an awsem feeling of giving this a 5 vote but than when some guy from the back round just takes a pistol and shoots him just killed it all.


Unfortunately I have to agree with Punk-Out. You could at least make some introduction to your movie... Or explain at least something.


That wasn't good at all. It wasn't even a story. A random guy we know nothing about except he apparantly lost his family or something in a nuckear blast. And then he gets shot by some other random guy, and its over. It didn't even look very good.