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Reviews for "Desert Story"


What the hell. Well i see your flash skills, oohhh wow, but next time make a plot and make it a hell of alot longer because all I saw was a guy in a desert and he got shot. Talk about boring. Next time make the movie longer and have a proper plot line.

powerful stuff

one word...wow


That wasn't good at all. It wasn't even a story. A random guy we know nothing about except he apparantly lost his family or something in a nuckear blast. And then he gets shot by some other random guy, and its over. It didn't even look very good.


that was great. A great idea and very well done 10/10 and 5/5. Oh and favs here we come lol.

I won't rank it!

Finally, out of all the crap pumped into Newgrounds every friggin' day, there's something on that makes me think there's hope out there yet. Extreamly well done.

The reflection of stars on the visor was an especially nice touch.