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Reviews for "Desert Story"


It's a really good animation with well match music, but it's a little short. I would have loved to seen a longer story.


True animation with great graphics and the music aight too, only thing, I'd like to see something longer from you. I give it an 8/10 only because it wasn't long enough to be very satisfying. But I promise you a perfect 10 when you make something longer. Great Job! Peace.


i understood the story, even without dialogues fools :O 10 stars

Nice graphics, but no voices?

Yeah, the graphics were great, very well animated. The red storm was very cool, it looked like blood in the beginning, in my opinion.
But the story was kinda pointless. Maybye if this was a series it would make more sense. Also, it would go well with some voices, even if there was only one line on it.
But I liked it. Please consider the series thing.


Unfortunately I have to agree with Punk-Out. You could at least make some introduction to your movie... Or explain at least something.