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Reviews for "Desert Story"


But his goggles were cool :(... And what's with the size of the bullet? A hand cannon? Anyways, excellent graphics, I like the reflection in his goggles. The background was a bit cheap (couldn't you have found a higher resolution picture?) and kinda ruined the overall feel of the setting. Lastly, there wasn't much "story" to it... You yourself summarized it in 2 sentences....

pretty good....

but i hate bernie mac so 0/5


that was a great flash, keep up the good work.


I saw the desert, but found no story. However, since i found it to be a beautiful piecde of eye candy, i can give you a good rating anyway.

Not Bad!

It is clear a LOT of work went into this, keep up the good work, but the frame by frame aspect of it could have been handled more smoothly