Reviews for "Hass and the Fence"

Very Nice

These graphics were so good!

Greyfox999 responds:

Thanks :)


Some 1 in 20 flash animations are good as far as I've seen. Good job, I liked it enough and I must say, you had some VERY smooth animation. Pleasure for my eyes to see a frame rate that high. The voice for the blue/purple (colorblindish) guy could use a better mic or better encoding though. Other than that, good job.

Greyfox999 responds:

Yeah, i suppose i should probably get an actual soundcard and proper microphone at some point.

Thansk for the review :)


"Hey Hass, hows it going?..."
you get what you give :P

Greyfox999 responds:

Thanks for the score =)


I liked it, I thought it was cute. The music fit really well, too.
I only took a point off cause it was really short and some of the animation seemed a little weird. The characters themselves were perfect, but some of the animations just seemed like awkward movements..

Greyfox999 responds:

Yeah, i can see what you mean. But i like to think i'm improving as I go :)

quite nice

It was cute and very ironic. I liked it. good job. Very clean animation and art.

Greyfox999 responds:

Thank you =)