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Reviews for "Old Portal Contest Entry"

HAHAHAHAHA doodler is the best

i already saw this like 2 months ago on TxM but it's still fuckin funny, your rabbit!


Yes ... the animation WAS old. They were all woblely and shit, looked crappy. Other than that ... it's your average 'stick men kill each other portal entry', except they're wearing baggy clothes and one has hair. I am surprised this thing has such a high score.


I liked that one because its just like a normal day to me!

HA! That was cool.

It really was.

Slow start, good finish.

I was almost tempted to abort after the fourth time I had to push that weak arrow to advance the non animated segment. The actual animated segment was well done. Although it almost looked like a sketch or storyboard segment for a fully detailed aninmated scene. Thanks for dredging it out of your archives to share.