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Reviews for "Old Portal Contest Entry"

Funny stuff

But I can't hear any sounds. Is that my problem or is it the movie's? My speakers are on BTW :P Anyway, great animation and pretty funny story behind it.

Amazing! How come it was never on the top 50?

Shit man...that was pretty amazing. The scene when it cuts to their heads, (the first guy's head being cut) that was amazing. I had never seen any drawing like that before on newgrounds. Blew me away....very impressive.


I remember you! Look at my favorite movies of all time.
Good job on this one BTW
-Ben Spurgin

Doodler responds:


And now you're famous. Grr.


Nice on the Blades


"Never before, has anything been seen so dramaticly is a sticks eye."

What ever that ment. And hurry up with your cow flash.

Doodler responds:

haha, it's nice to see that you still review my stuff. i'm working on the cow game, actually... i learned some new stuff that will make it awesome.